Conference Program

November 21, 2016 (Monday)




Opening Ceremony

(Lecture Room 1)


Keynote Speech I

Title: Progress and Challenges in Automatic Speech Recognition

Speaker: Prof. Douglas O'Shaughnessy, INRS (University of Quebec), Canada

(Lecture Room 1)


Coffee Break



Language Processing

(Lecture Room 1)

Language Resources

(Lecture Room 2)



(Multi-function Room)


Keynote Speech II

Title: Deception Detection: Case Studies on Fake Web Reviews, Illegal Advertisements, and Cyber Army’s Behaviors for Elect Campaign

Speaker: Prof. Hsin-Hsi Chen, National Taiwan University

(Lecture Room 1)


NLP Applications

(Lecture Room 1)

Machine Learning for

Natural Language (I)

(Lecture Room 2)


Coffee Break


Machine Translation &

Word Sense Disambiguation

(Lecture Room 1)

Under-resourced Language Studies

(Lecture Room 2)


Welcome Dinner

(Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan B2)

November 22, 2016 (Tuesday)


Keynote Speech III

Title: Affect Associations: The Building Blocks of Sentiment Analysis Speaker: Dr. Saif M. Mohammad, National Research Council Canada

Speaker: Dr. Saif M. Mohammad, National Research Council Canada

(Lecture Room 1)


Coffee Break


Sentiment Analysis &

Question Answering

(Lecture Room 1)


(Lecture Room 2)



(Multi-function Room)


Shared Task on Dimensional Sentiment Analysis

(Lecture Room 1)


Poster Session

(Multi-function Room)


Coffee Break


Text Mining

(Lecture Room 1)

Machine Learning for

Natural Language (II)

(Lecture Room 2)


Closing Ceremony

(Lecture Room 1)



(Best Paper Award)

(Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan B2)

November 23, 2016 (Wednesday)


City Tour

1. Chihkan Tower

2. Anping Fort

(Pick-up/Drop-off point: Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan 1F)

* Each oral presentation is 15 minutes

* The recommended size for posters is B1 Portrait (70.7 cm width x 100 cm length)

DAY1 (Nonember 21)

Speech/Spoken Language Processing (11:00-12:00 , Lecture Room 1)

Session Chair: Dr. Yanfeng Lu

Submission #72

Comparison on Neural Network Based Acoustic Model in Mongolian Speech Recognition

Hongwei Zhang, Feilong Bao, Guanglai Gao and Hui Zhang

Submission #42

Dialog State Tracking and Action Selection Using Deep Learning Mechanism for Interview Coaching

Ming-Hsiang Su, Kun-Yi Huang, Tsung-Hsien Yang, Kuan-Jung Lai and Chung-Hsien Wu

Submission #78

Policy Optimization of Dialogue Management in Spoken Dialogue System for Out-of-Domain Utterances

Yuhong Xu, Peijie Huang, Jiecong Tang, Qiangjia Huang, Zhenpeng Deng, Weimou Peng and Jiajie Lu

Submission #97

Dialogue Act Recognition for Chinese Out-of-Domain Utterances using Hybrid CNN-RF

Jundong Wang, Peijie Huang, Qiangjia Huang, Zixuan Ke and Piyuan Lin

Language Resources (11:00-12:00 , Lecture Room 2)

Session Chair: Prof. Baoli Li

Submission #35

Annotating Chinese Noun Phrases Based on Semantic Dependency Graph

Yimeng Li and Yanqiu Shao

Submission #59

Sense Annotated Hindi Corpus

Satyendr Singh and Tanveer J. Siddiqui

Submission #102

Towards Building a Standard Dataset for Arabic Keyphrase Extraction Evaluation

Muhammad Helmy, Marco Basaldella, Eddy Maddalena, Stefano Mizzaro and Gianluca Demartini

Submission #110

Semantic Annotation for Mandarin Verbal Lexicon

Mei-chun Liu and Jui-ching Chang

NLP Applications (14:00-15:15 , Lecture Room 1)

Session Chair: Dr. Van Hai Do

Submission #4

Information Extraction and Text Mining of Ancient Vattezhuthu Characters in Historical Documents Using Image Zoning

E.K. Vellingiriraj, M. Balamurugan and P. Balasubramanie

Submission #7

Content-based Approach for Vietnamese Spam SMS Filtering

Thai-Hoang Pham and Phuong Le-Hong

Submission #39

Detecting Representative Web Articles Using Heterogeneous Graphs

Richeng Xuan and Sang-goo Lee

Submission #69

Word Clustering for Parallelism in Classical Chinese Poems

John Lee and Mengqi Luo

Submission #2

Annotation Scheme for Legal Discourse Information and Hierarchical Levels

Hong Wang and Yunfeng Ge

Machine Learning for Natural Language (I) (14:00-15:15 , Lecture Room 2)

Session Chair: Prof. Chia-Ping Chen

Submission #5

Syntactic Characteristics and Similarities of Japanese Authors’ Writing Styles: A Kernel-Based Approach

Eriko Kanagawa and Takeshi Okadome

Submission #33

An Initial Study of Indonesian Semantic Role Labeling and Its Application on Event Extraction

Ade Romadhony, Ayu Purwarianti and Lisa Madlberger

Submission #54

Generating Manipuri English Pronunciation Dictionary Using Sequence Labelling Problem

Rajlakshmi Saikia and Sanasam Ranbir Singh

Submission #40

Recurrent Neural Network-based Language Models with Variation in Net Topology, Language, and Granularity

Tzu-Hsuan Yang, Tzu-Hsuan Tseng and Chia-Ping Chen

Submission #41

Verifying the Long-range Dependency of RNN Language Models

Tzu-Hsuan Tseng, Tzu-Hsuan Yang and Chia-Ping Chen

Machine Translation and Word Sense Disambiguation (15:45-17:00 , Lecture Room 1)

Session Chair: Dr. Wei-Yun Ma

Submission #86

The Effect of Shallow Segmentation for English-Tigrinya Statistical Machine Translation

Yemane Tedla and Kazuhide Yamamoto

Submission #93

Proper Noun Recognition in Cross-Language Record Linkage by Exploiting Transliterated Words

Yuting Song, Taisuke Kimura, Biligsaikhan Batjargal and Akira Maeda

Submission #99

Representing Action Structure through Semantic Roles of Physiotherapy Instructions

Sandeep Kumar Dash, Partha Pakray and Alexander Gelbukh

Submission #65

Word Sense Implantation by Orthographical Conversion

Kazuhide Yamamoto and Yuki Mikami

Submission #38

A Corpus-based Analysis of Filipino Writing Errors

Manolito Octaviano, Matthew Philip Go, Allan Borra and Nathaniel Oco

Under-resourced Language Studies (15:45-17:00 , Lecture Room 2)

Session Chair: Dr. John Lee

Submission #46

Gotong Royong in NLP Research - A Mobile Tool for Collaborative Text Annotation in Indonesia

Lisa Madlberger, Ade Romadhony and Ayu Purwarianti

Submission #24

Annotation Schemes for Constructing Uyghur Named Entity Relation Corpus

Kahaerjiang Abiderexiti, Maihemuti Maimaiti, Tuergen Yibulayin and Aishan Wumaier

Submission #44

Construction of a Bilingual Annotated Corpus with Chinese Buddhist Translation and their Sanskrit Parallels

Wei Huangfu, Qingzhi Zhu and Bing Qiu

Submission #84

Speech recognition of under-resourced languages using mismatched transcriptions

Van Hai Do, Nancy F. Chen, Boon Pang Lim and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

Submission #91

A System for Extracting F0 Contours of Lexical Tones Using Adaptive IIR Notch Filter with Harmonic Suppression

Siripong Potisuk

DAY2 (November 22)

Sentiment Analysis /Question Answering (11:00-12:00 , Lecture Room 1)

Session Chair: Dr. Chao-Hong Liu

Submission #67

A Regression Approach to Valence-Arousal Ratings of Words from Word Embedding

Minglei Li, Yunfei Long and Qin Lu

Submission #21

Extracting Explanatory Segments from Chinese Product Reviews via Semantic Pattern Matching

Liang Zhang, Yu He and Guohong Fu

Submission #80

History Question Classification and Representation for Chinese Gaokao

Ke Yu, Qiuzhi Liu, Yuqing Zheng, Tiejun Zhao and Dequan Zheng

Submission #15

Japanese Orthographical Normalization Does Not Work for Statistical Machine Translation

Kazuhide Yamamoto and Kanji Takahashi

Linguistics (11:00-12:00 , Lecture Room 2)

Session Chair: Dr. Hong Wang

Submission #37

A Unified Representation of Attributes and Their Semantic Composition

Su-Chu Lin, Wei-Yun Ma and Yueh-Yin Shi

Submission #98

The Thematic and Syntactic Analysis of yu 于 Constructions in Archaic Chinese

Mengbin Liu

Submission #109

Is the Movement Mentally Simulated in Processing Fictive Motion Sentences in Mandarin?

Shu-Ping Gong and Zhao-Ying Huang

Submission #126

A Preliminary Study of Chinese Hierarchical Grammar Development

Jia-Fei Hong and Zi-Yin Chen

Shared Task on Dimensional Sentiment Analysis (13:00-14:00 , Lecture Room 1)

Submission #129

Overview of the IALP 2016 Shared Task on Dimensional Sentiment Analysis for Chinese Words

Liang-Chih Yu, Lung-Hao Lee and Kam-Fai Wong

Submission #114

Aicyber’s System for IALP 2016 Shared Task: Character-enhanced Word Vectors and Boosted Neural Networks

Steven Du and Xi Zhang

Submission #121

CKIP Valence-Arousal Predictor for IALP 2016 Shared Task

Hsin-Yang Wang and Wei-Yun Ma

Submission #127

Evaluation of Weighted Graph and Neural Network Models on Predicting the Valence-Arousal Ratings of Chinese Words

Wei-Chieh Chou, Chin-Kui Lin, Yuan-Fu Liao and Yih-Ru Wang

Poster Session (14:00-15:20 , Multi-function Room)

Submission #13

A Method of Automatic Recognition of Attributive Clauses in Chinese Language

Lei Wang, Houfeng Wang, Weiguang Qu and Shiwen Yu

Submission #14

Design and Realization of a Graphical Editing System for Mongolian Dependency Treebank

S. Loglo

Submission #17

Automatic Discrimination System for Chinese Labial Aspirated and Unaspirated Sounds Pronounced by Japanese Students

Akemi Hoshino

Submission #18

Automatic Extraction and Recommendation of Grammar Points in L2 Chinese

Tianbao Song, Jing He, Weiming Peng and Jihua Song

Submission #23

The Communication Potential Estimation of Chinese Borrowings in English

Rui Xin and Xiaolan Lei

Submission #25

Graph-Based Short Text Entity Linking: A Data Integration Perspective

Bo Ma, Yating Yang, Xi Zhou and Lei Wang

Submission #26

Application of Imperative Strategies

Pu Li

Submission #29

The Usage of haodai

Shuzhen Shi and Shuqin Shi

Submission #30

A Novel Decoding Framework for Extractive Speech Summarization with Rhetorical Structure Modeling

Jian Zhang and Huaqiang Yuan

Submission #34

Design and Implementation of Online Learning Software of Mongolian Idioms

Hai Yinhua

Submission #47

The Evaluation Standards of Semantic Roles: Based on Semantic Dependency Graph Bank

Xinghui Cheng and Yanqiu Shao

Submission #48

Research on Question Classification for Automatic Question Answering

Shihua Xu, Gang Cheng and Fang Kong

Submission #51

Social Circle Detection Based on Micro-blogging Topic and User Follow Relationship

Jiaying Hou, Zhengtao Yu, Xudong Hong and Liren Wang

Submission #56

A Semi-automatic Approach to Identifying and Unifying Ambiguously Encoded Arabic-Based Characters

Sardar Jaf

Submission #57

Hierarchical Pre-reordering model for Patent Machine Translation

Renfen Hu, Kai Zhao, Hongzheng Li, Yun Zhu and Yaohong Jin

Submission #60

A Hybrid Strategy Method For Patent Machine Translation

Zhiying Liu and Kai Zhao

Submission #62

Tonal and Non-Tonal Intonation in Yichang dialect

Yan Li

Submission #68

Fundamental Tools and Resource Are Available for Vietnamese Analysis

Kanji Takahashi and Kazuhide Yamamoto

Submission #71

Mongolian Prosodic Phrase Prediction Using Suffixes Segmentation

Rui Liu, Feilong Bao, Guanglai Gao and Weihua Wang

Submission #74

Developing Learner Corpus Annotation for Chinese Grammatical Errors

Lung-Hao Lee, Li-Ping Chang and Yuen-Hsien Tseng

Submission #76

Chinese Word Segmentation based on Conditional Random Fields with Character Clustering

Liping Du, Xiaoge Li, Chunli Liu, Rui Liu, Xian Fan, Jianing Yang, Dayi Lin and Mian Wei

Submission #82

Improved Arabic Characters Recognition by Combining Multiple Machine Learning Classifiers

Maytham Alabbas, Raidah Khaudeyer and Sardar Jaf

Submission #83

Construction of the Basic Sentence-pattern Instance Database Based on the International Chinese Textbook Treebank

Shuqin Zhu, Yinxia Zhang, Weiming Peng and Jihua Song

Submission #85

A Machine Learning Approach for Authorship Attribution for Bengali Blogs

Shanta Phani, Shibamouli Lahiri and Arindam Biswas

Submission #87

A Syntactic Analysis on the classifier-noun construction in Chinese

Fengcun An and Lei Zhao

Submission #89

A Study on the Construction of a Grade-Level Reading Corpus for TCSL

Juan Li, Lijiao Yang, Liang Wen, Zhiying Liu and Yongjie Lu

Submission #90

A Method for Word Sense Disambiguation Combining Contextual Semantic Features

Liang Wen, Juan Li, Yaohong Jin and Yongjie Lu

Submission #105

Web Content Extraction Based on Maximum Continuous Sum of Text Density

Kai Sun, Miao Li, Jinhua Du, Lei Chen, Zhengxin Yang, Yi Gao and Sha Fu

Submission #115

Valence-Arousal Ratings Prediction with Co-occurrence Word-embedding

Yan Gao, Jing Xu, Xu Yang and Bin Xu

Submission #116

IASL Valence-Arousal Analysis System at IALP 2016 shared Task: Dimensional Sentiment Analysis for Chinese Words

Yu-Lun Hsieh, Chen-Ann Wang, Ying-Wei Wu, Yung-Chun Chang and Wen-Lian Hsu

Submission #117

Dimensional Sentiment Analysis of Traditional Chinese Words Using Pre-trained Not-quite-right Sentiment Word Vectors and Supervised Ensemble Models

Feixiang Wang, Yunxiao Zhou and Man Lan

Submission #118

Valence-Arousal Prediction of Chinese Words with Multi-layer Corpora

Xinrui Zhang, Piyuan Lin, Siyuan Chen, Hongjie Cen, Jundong Wang, Qiangjia Huang, Yuhong Xu, Jiecong Tang and Peijie Huang

Submission #119

Constructing a Chinese Valence-Arousal Dictionary with Multiple Heterogeneous Lexicons

Tao-Hsing Chang and Yi-Ting Siao

Submission #120

Dimensional Sentiment Analysis for Chinese Words Based on Synonym Lexicon and Word Embedding

Wei Cheng, Yuansheng Song, Yue Zhu and Ping Jian

Submission #122

Valence-Arousal Ratings Prediction of Chinese Words Using Similarity Measures Based on Word2Vec

Chao-Hong Liu, Qun Liu and Ching-Hsien Lee

Submission #123

A Comparison of Approaches to Affective Rating of Chinese Words on Valence-Arousal Space

Bo Peng, Jinnan Yang, Xutao Yang, Dan Xu and Xuejie Zhang

Submission #124

Learning Dimensional Sentiment of Traditional Chinese Words with Word Embedding and Support Vector Regressions

Baoli LI

Submission #125

Dimensional Sentiment Analysis in Valence-Arousal for Chinese Words by Linear Regression

Jui-Feng Yeh, Tai-You Kuang, Yu-Jui Huang and Mei-Rong Wu

Submission #128

Dimentional Sentiment Analysis by Synsets and Sense Definitions

Chuan-Jie Lin and Hao-Tsung Chang

Text Mining (15:50-16:50 , Lecture Room 1)

Session Chair: Kazuhide Yamamoto

Submission #107

Improving the Effectiveness of POI Search by Associated Information Summarization

Hsiu-Min Chuang, Chia-Hui Chang and Chung-Ting Cheng

Submission #101

Leveraging Arabic Morphology and Syntax for Achieving Better Keyphrase Extraction

Muhammad Helmy, Dario De Nart, Dante Degl'Innocenti and Carlo Tasso

Submission #113

Importance Weighted Feature Selection Strategy for Text Classification

Baoli Li

Submission #63

The Extraction and Application of Constitutive Role of Nouns in Chinese

Mengxiang Wang, Houfeng Wang and Luexing Zheng

Machine Learning for Natural Language (II) (15:50-16:50 , Lecture Room 2)

Session Chair: Prof. Guohong Fu

Submission #52

Unsupervised Ensemble Learning for Vietnamese Multisyllabic Word Extraction

Wuying Liu and Lin Wang

Submission #20

Named Entity Recognition on Indonesian Microblog Messages

Natanael Taufik, Alfan F. Wicaksono and Mirna Adriani

Submission #53

Using Topic Modelling to Make Sense of Typhoon-related Tweets

Cerino Ligutom III, Jay Vincent Orio, Dyannah Alexa Marie Ramacho, Chuchi Montenegro, Rachel Edita Roxas and Nathaniel Oco

Submission #106

Modeling Morpheme Triplets with a Three-level Hierarhical Dirichlet Process

Serkan Kumyol and Burcu Can