Name Thesis Title Date
Chen, Jau-HungA Study on Synthesis Unit Selection and Prosodic Information Generation in a Chinese Text-to-Speech System1998.6
Yeou-Jiunn ChenA Study on Conversational Speech Recognition and Verification in Computer Telephony Integration1999.6
Yu-Sheng LaiA Study on Natural Language Processing for Internet FAQ Retrieval2001.6
Yu-Hsien ChiuA Study on Taiwanese Sign Language Processing to Augmentative Communication and Language Learning for the Hearing Impaired2003.12
Gwo-Lang YanA study on speech act modeling and verification of spontaneous speech with disfluency in a spoken dialogue system2004.6
Yeh ,Reng-FongA Study on Semantic Extraction and Matching in Conversational Dialog Systems2006.6
Chuang Ze-JingA Study on Speech and Sign Language Processing for Speech/Hearing Impaired2006.10
Hsieh, Chia-HsinA Study on Audio Content Analysis for Broadcast News Audio Stream2007.6
Chi-chun HsiaA Study on Synthesis Unit Selection and Voice Conversion for Text-to-Speech Synthesis2008.1
Yu, Liang ChihA Study on Semantic Dependencies and HAL Modeling for Web Text Mining and Information Retrieval2008.7
Huang, Chien-LinEnglish/Mandarin Multilingual Spoken Document Analysis and Retrieval2008.7
Hung-Yu SuA Study on Chinese to Taiwanese Sign Language Translation Using Statistical Approach with Small Corpus2009.7
Liang, Wei BinA Study on Semantic Representation and Emotion Recognition in Spoken Dialogue Systems2011.7
Lee, Chung-HanA study on the Generation of Personalized Speaking Style and Pronunciation Variation for Spontaneous Speech Synthesis2011.7
Chang, Ru-YngA Study on Error Sentence Diagnosis and Correction for Chinese and English Non-Native Learners2012.7
Liu, Chao-HongA Study on Error Correction for Non-native Written Sentences and Speech Recognition Outputs2012.7
Yeh, Jun-BinA Study on Data Fusion Strategy for Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition2012.7
Jen-ChunLinA Study on Data Fusion Strategy for Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition2014.7
Han-PingShenA Study on Multilingual and Accented Speech Recognition2014.7


Name Thesis Title Date
Chen, Jau-HungHierarchical Text-Independent Speaker Identification Using Lateral Inhibition Gaussian Networks1993.6
Tsee-Ling HsiehA Linguistic Decoder for Mandarin Speech Recognition Using a Scoring Parser1993.6
Ji-Di KaoPhoneme-Based Speaker-Adaptive Mandarin Syllable Recognition1994.6
Chao-Hsiang WuA Chinese Text-to-Speech System Based on Word Units1994.6
Ching-Wen LoA Computer-Aided Heart Sound Analysis and Diagnosis System1994.6
Fu-Cheng WuSmall-Vocabulary Speaker-Independent Mandarin Word Recognition Based on Syllable Templates1994.6
Chia ,Ying-ShyngPhoneme-Based Continuous Mandarin Word Recognition Using a Grammar Network1995.6
Chen ,Shing-HuaiContinuous Speech Keyword Spotting Using Phoneme Concatenation1995.6
Chuang,Hsin-ChungA Study on the Generation and Adjustment of Prosodic Information for CELP-based Text-to-Speech Conversion1995.6
Tsai ,Chi-YanA Study of Pohin Characters and Prosodic Process for Chinese Text-to-Speech System1995.6
Lin, Chao-ChunA Study of the Coarticulation Processing for Chinese and English Text-to-Speech System1996.6
Yu-Sheng LaiMandarin and Engliah Speech Recognition System Using a Discriminative Bayesian Network1996.6
Lin, Tso-ChihA Study of Synthesis Unit Selection and Phrase Prosody Adjustment in a Chinese Text-to-Speech System1996.6
Wang, Po-ChengA Study of Mandarin Speech Recognition Based on Wavelet Transform1996.6
Tsai, Jia-ChingA Study of Low Bit Rate Speech Codec with Speaker Recognizability1997.6
Yan, Gwo-LangA Study of Discriminative Utterance Verification in Telephone Speech Keyword Spotting1997.6
Shiau, Jay-LinOn the Use of Prosodic Information for Mandarin Word Recognition1997.6
Lin, Ang-TaiA Computer-Aided Fetus Analysis and Diagnosis System with Fetal Heart Rate and Uterine Activity1998.6
Hung, Yu-ChunRobust Multi-keyword Spotting of Temephone Speech Using Stochastic Matching1998.6
Lin Chien-LiangSpeech Act Modeling in a Spoken Dialogue System Using Fuzzy Hidden Markov Model1999.6
Chich Chung WangModeling Co-articulation in Synthetic Visual Speech Based on Morphing Visemes2000.6
Hsiang-Chuan LiaoGeneration of Robust Phonetic Set and Decision Tree for State Tying2000.6
Chi-Shiang GuoNatural Language Processing for Taiwanese Sign Language to Speech Conversion2000.6
Cher Yao Yangsentence verification and error recovery using partial pattern tree for conversational speech2000.6
Lee Kuen-LinIntention Extraction and Semantic Matching for Internet FAQ Retrieval2000.6
Lim HuiganUsing Perceptual Model for Noisy Speech Recognition2001.7
Chun-Yu LinLanguage Identification of Language-Mixed Speech Using Latent Semantic Indexing and Language Model2002.7
Chien-Feng WuBimodal Emotion Recognition from Speech and Facial Expression2002.7
Kung-Wei ChengAn Error-Tolerant Sign Retrieval Mechanism for Sign Language to Chinese Translation2002.7
Kuao-Ann FungStory segmentation and classification of chinese broadcast news using genetic algorithm2002.7
Yu-Chung LinEmotion Classification System based on Semantic Content Analysis2003.6
Ming-Jun ChenIntention Extraction for Intelligent Medical Query System using Natural Language2003.6
Chih-Jen ChengA Study on Sign Language Translation and Sign Image Synthesis from Chinese2003.6
Jiun-Fu ChenUnit Selection for Corpus-Based Emotional Speech Synthesis Using PCFG and LSI2004.6
Mao-Zhu YangSemantic Dependency Based Natural Language Understanding in a Medical Dialogue System2004.6
Wei-Sheng ChenTaiwanese Sign Video Synthesis Based on Eigen Hand and Image Overlapping2004.6
Chien-Lin HuangSpoken Document Summarization Using Corpus-Based Approach and Semantic Dependency Grammar2004.6
Chia-Hung LinChinese to Taiwanese Sign Language Translation Using Statistical Parsing2004.6
Shih-Min TangError Pattern Analysis for Computer Assisted English Pronunciation Learning2005.7
Te-Hsien LiuVoice Conversion for Emotional Speech Synthesis Using Bi-HMM2005.7
Chun-Yu LinUsing Prior Model and Environment Adaptation for Stochastic Vector Mapping-Based Noisy Speech Recognition2005.7
Chia-Ling LinTopic Analysis for Psychiatric Consultation Record Retrieval2006.6
Wei-Yen WuDisfluency Correction of Spontaneous Speech using Conditional Random Fields with Variable Length Features2006.6
Jian-Qi WuA Study on Emotional Speech Synthesis via Conversion Function Clustering and Selection2006.6
Wei-Chuan LeePhoto Retrieval via Speech Annotation Using Syllable-Transformed Images2006.6
Chi-Chiuan LiouDisfluency Detection in Spontaneous Speech using Conditional Random Field2007.6
Shen, Han-PinSpeaker Clustering Using Speaker-Dependent Phone Cluster Models and MSD-HMM2007.6
Lin, Mai ChunHierarchical Prosody Conversion by Regression based Clustering2007.6
Liang, Chung-HauIdiolect Extraction and Generation for Speaking Style Modeling2007.6
Tsai, PeiZanError Correction and Feedback using Phonetic Attribute Analysis for Articulation Disorders2007.6
Wu, Jung YunPitch Prediction Using Prosody Hierarchy and Fynamic Features for HMM-based Mandarin Speech Synthesis2008.7
Kang, Yu-KaiDetection and Correction of Syllable Constraction in Spontaneous Speech Recognition2008.7
Matthew HarrisEnglish-Chinese Language Transfer Correction Incorporating Lexico-Syntactic Templates and Relative Position Modelling2008.7
Meng-Hsiu ShengRobust Dialog Act Detection for Potential Error Awareness and Handling2011.7
Yan-Ting YangPhone Set Construction based on Articulatory Features for Code-Switching Speech Recognition2011.7
Wei-Yu LeeRemoval of Speaking Effect on Facial Expression Recognition Based on Feature Conversion2011.7
Kuan-Te LiUnit-selection-based frame selection using articulatory and auditory features for polyglot TTS system2011.7
David SarwonoA Syllable Cluster Based Weighted Kernel Feature Matrix for ASR Substitution Error Correction2012.7
Chun-Shan HsuDelta-BIC-Based Language Identification Using Senone and Articulatory Eigenvoice Models2012.7
Sz-Ting WengHierarchical Pitch Pattern Selection Based on Prosodic Structure and Fujisaki Model for Natural Speech Synthesis2012.7
Han LiInteraction Style Detection Based on Fused Cross-Correlation Model In Spoken Conversation2012.7
PoHsun SuAutomatic QA Pair Generation and Query Supplementation for Conversational Agents2012.10
Ju-YunChengSynthesis Unit and Question Set Definition for Mandarin HMM-based Singing Voice Synthesis2013.7
Shih-LunLinA Hybrid Approach to Natural Mandarin Speech Synthesis Based on AF-based Candidate Expansion and Prosodic Word Level Verification2013.7
Kuan-ChunChengRecognition of Emotions in Speech Using Multi-level Units and Hierarchical Correlation Models2013.7
Ming-GeShieAutomatic Segmentation of Small-sized Unlabeled Data and Prosodic Word-level Smoothing for Personalized Spontaneous Mandarin Speech Synthesis2014.7
Yi-AnChuEmoticon Recommendation in Microblog Using Affective Trajectory Model2014.7
Yu-TingZhengInterlocutor Personality Perception in a Dyadic Conversation based on BFI-Profiles and Coupled Hidden Markov Models2014.7
Jia-KuanLinAffective Structure Modeling of Speech for Emotion Recognition Using Probabilistic Context Free Grammar2014.7
Hsiao-HsuanYenDetection of Mood Disorder using Modulation Spectrum of Facial Action Unit Profiles2015.7
Wu-HsuanLinResponse Generation in a Dialogue System from Unstructured Data Using Semantic Dependency Pair Model2015.7
Yu-TingKuoShort-Term Detection of Mood Disorder Using Latent Affective Structure Modeling of Speech2015.7
Yu-Fong HuangGeneration of Emotion Control Vector using MDS-based Space Transformation for Expressive Speech Synthesis2016.7
Kuan-Jung LaiDialog Action Decision Using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Question Generation in an Interview Coaching System2016.7
Chia-Hui ChouMood Disorder Detection from Speech Using LSTM-Based Emotion Profile Tracking and Mood Verification2016.7
Tsui-Ching HuangDialogue State Tracking and Response Relevance Scoring Using Two-Level LSTM for Interview Coaching2016.7
Chia-Cheng ChangExploring Macroscopic and Microscopic Fluctuation of Facial Expression for Mood Disorder Classification2016.7
Hsiang-Chi FuReal Mood Detection Using Denoising Autoencoder and LSTM2016.7

Ph.D. student

Name Year
Hamid Sadeghi7
Huang,Kun Yi5

Master student

Name Year
Yuan-Rong Zeng2
Chia-Tien Chang2
Chu-Kwang Chen2
Huai-Hung Huang2
Chung-Ko Yin1
Bo-Chen Shih1
Yi Zhang1
Liang-Yu Chen1